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Kutaisi is the second largest city in Georgia.
City is located in the centre of Imereti province on the both banks of River Rioni. It is a place where Rioni is pathing its way on the Kolcheti plane.
The City is located in the centre of motor-car highway (from here road connects the region with Sokhumi, Poti, Batumi and to Samachablo through north Caucasus road) through railway (Brotseula – Tskaltubo and Rioni – Tkibuli) city is connected to main railway and highway lines of Caucasus. Distance from Kutaisi to Tbilisi is 220 km.
According to the latest population census, there are 210,000 inhabitants in Kutaisi. The territory is 7.000 hectares 2/3 of which is inhabited. Kutaisi is divided into 12 municipal units. To the north-eastern side city borders Okriba plane, to north – Samgurali Mountains, to south-east Kolcheti plane. City population principally inhabits plane area. Northern part of the city is located along elevated bank of river Rioni. Southern part of the city is located on one of the terraces of Rioni, Sapichkhia elevation.
Climate is humid and subtropical. Winter is mostly warm and dry, while summer is hot. Average annual temperature is 14.5 C, making 5 degrees difference comparing to other regions of Imereti. Annual precipitation is 1730 mm. City motor-car road length is 312 km.

General information
• Foundation of Kutaisi traces back to more than 3500 years
• According to Greek mythology Jason stole golden fleece from Kutaisi
• Kutaisi is the second largest city of Georgia
• Kutaisi is the crossroad where roads go to western and northern Georgia
• Kutaisi is located on east-west connecting highway from which you can be connected to the rest of the world

Basic knowledge

• Population – 186,400
• Territory – 65 square km
• Location above the sea level – 80 -100 meters


One of the most beautiful cities of Georgia – Kutaisi, is located in Imereti - also rarely beautiful region. The city, as a settled place was born (founded) near the mouth where the River Rioni’s narrow and deep gorge outfalls to the plain. Kutaisi is considered as one of the oldest cities in the world. The old Greek history and mythology dates the city by the “Epoch of Minos” (XVII-XV centuries B.C). The well known “Argonautica”, which express the tidings older then 3300 years, is totally focused on the main city – Kutaisi.

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Major spheres are  trade, industry, transport.
Principal industries and production:
  • • Food industry (meat, dairy products, mineral, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks)
  • • Wood production (construction materials, furniture) small industry (natural silk, carpets, stockinet production) 
  • • Ore production (chalk, cement, dye) 
  • • Car industry (vehicles used in agriculture, oil pumps, tractors, cargo trucks, small car parts, cranes)


The whole territory of Georgia, as Imereti region, is rich with antique, earlier and later Christian period's historical-cultural monuments. These monuments are very interesting for tourists. There are more than 450 historical-cultural monuments in Imereti region. The most noteworthy and frequently visited monuments are Gelati Monastery Complex (100.000 visitors in Jan-Aug. 2009) and Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi (30.000 visitors in Jan-Aug. 2009). Both sites are listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

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Kutaisi is one of the interesting and various place for tourists in Georgia. Historically, its location and centuries old history represented good basis for tourism. In the modern world Kutaisi in terms of tourism faced different challenges which led the city to infrastructural changes of touring places and rehabilitation of historical places.
Kutaisi was the centre of Tourism in the west Georgia, which is rich with Touring sights and guests who arrived in this part easily connected to all regions.

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