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An integrated approach for the sustainability of the tourism production

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In the planning phase it was decided to form a partnership between the Province of Venice (lead partner), the municipalities of Ungheni (Moldova), Kutaisi (Georgia) and Confartigianato Association and seek assistance from EuropeAid sources.

province of venice

Province of Venice

The Province of Venice was selected as team leader as a most tourism successful destination, it would provide mentoring and technical assistance to local authorities in both counties. The Province of Venice , in particular the Tourism Department, established the public consortium denominated “Azienda di promozione Turistica della provincia di Venezia” – APT (Agency promoting Tourism of the Province of Venice), mainly constituted from public bodies. Members of the consortium are the Province, that is the majority shareholder, the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, the municipalities of Cavarzere and Concordia sagittaria. The organisation is structured on four areas in the territory: Venice, Riviera del Brenta and Cavallino Treporti, Chioggia, Jesolo and Eraclea, Bibione and Caorle. Moreover, it has got a network of 24 IAT offices (Information and Tourist Reception Offices). The Province of Venice will be the project lead partner considered that it can transfer the experiences and best practices adopted in Venice, Jesolo and in the neighbouring cities such as Cavallino, Chioggia, etc. such as the Agenda 21, the EMAS guidelines, the ‘Veneto Quality and Environment Manifesto 2000’, etc. The Tourism Department has proven track record of successfully implementing several projects on tourist issues.


Confartigianato - Association of Crafts and Small Enterprises of San Donà di Piave

The Confartigianato —The Association of Crafts and Small Enterprises of San Donà di Piave , in particular Confartigianato Turismo . It is one of the 120 Confartigianato associations of craftsmen and small and medium sized enterprises on the whole Italian territory representing about 550.000 enterprises from all sectors. The Organisation provides its enterprises with information and services and it represents their interests. The Association, for over 10 years, safeguards and promotes also the hotels, the restaurants, and the host structures which are among their associate members. Moreover, it promotes cultural initiatives, i.e. the promotion of the Italian crafts museums. Beside its role of providing integrated services, the Association of San Donà di Piave has been assigned of important tasks during the years and it has realized projects about several matters, even at European level. Through these activities, that it nowadays continues to manage and coordinate, the Association has developed operative, technical and management competences.

Since 1996 the Confartigianato has been collaborating with the Province of Venice for the local development and the planning of territory of the Eastern Veneto including 20 municipalities. Both of them are founder members of the Patto Territoriale della Venezia Orientale, which is an association of Italian local authorities and socio-economic partners: it is widely acknowledged throughout the EU as being an excellent example of how to facilitate socio-economic development through the creation of public-private partnerships. “The territorial pact of the Eastern Venice” is an association of twenty North-Eastern Italian municipalities. According to the 662/96 Italian Law, the Patto Territoriale is an “agreement promoted, not only by the local authorities, but also by social partners and other public and private organizations”. The experience derived from that action will be used as the basis for the establishment of a good partnership in this project. This action is designed to institutionalize a relationship and to establish a solid, cost effective and efficient platform for future co-operation. Confartigianato - Association of Crafts and Small Enterprises of San Donà di Piave

City of Ungheni

City of Ungheni

Ungheni is a city in the Republic of Moldova, situated in the west-center on the bank of the Prut river, opposite the village with the same name from Romania, which in the past formed ​​the same locality. The city extends on a length of 9 km along the border with Romania, being situated at a height of 62 meters above the sea level.
The city of Ungheni is a part and residence center of Ungheni district with a population of 33,000 inhabitants.
The choice of Ungheni as partner of the project CIUDAD is based on the previous successful experience in a TACIS Cross-Border Co-operation Project, set up and carried out by the Territorial Pact of the Eastern Venice (a cluster of 20 municipalities in the Province of Venice).

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City of Kutaisi

City of Kutaisi

Kutaisi is the second largest city in Georgia.
City is located in the centre of Imereti province on the both banks of River Rioni. It is a place where Rioni is pathing its way on the Kolcheti plane.
Distance from Kutaisi to Tbilisi is 220 km. According to the latest population census, there are 210,000 inhabitants in Kutaisi.
This is the first collaboration between the Kutaisi City and the Applicant, the Province of Venice. The City has been chosen because it was a capital of the Reign, therefore presents similarities with the city of Venice on the cultural tourism point of view. It has got a cultural and historical heritage that should be promoted.
The Province of Venice had developed some informal communication channels with Georgian persons from Kutaisi, both religious persons and civilians. Moreover, the similarities of Venice and the Colchide are based both on the myths connected to the Greek culture (Venice and Veneto region with the Omero heros, Antenore and Diomede, Colchide and Georgia with Giasone myth) and on the long networks of shipping and trading of the “Serenissima” (the most serene Republic).
The City Hall of Kutaisi considers the project objectives and the expected results of primary interest for the consequences on the territory and this may be the beginning of a series of future collaborations

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In the planning the project partners had approved the objectives and the activities proposed and in the kick-off meeting in July 2010 they agreed on the activities to reach the overall and specific project objectives signing each one an agreement with the lead partner.

Municipality of Venice
Municipality of Jesolo
Municipality of Cavallino Treporti
Municipality of San Michele di Tagliamento
Turismo Venezia
A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica Provincia di Venezia - Agency for the tourism promotion in the Province of Venice
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